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Nature Enhancing Nature



Full spectrum hemp honey is consumed sublingually, which provides greater bioavailability and can deliver active ingredients into the bloodstream far more efficiently. Unlike other hemp honey products, our honey is not blended or infused. The absence of an endocannabinoid system in insects allows for a safe and more effective means for bees to produce our water-soluble, sweet tasting product.


The magic of our honey comes from how it’s made. A new patented process teaches the bees to feed on the nectar from hemp and cannabis plants, naturally passing through the bees’ digestive system delivering highly bioavailable, cannabinoid-rich raw honey.


Our honey is the ONLY patented, non-infused, all natural, raw hemp honey on the market. 

BeeFuse Technology works with more than just CBD... We're currently releasing our Pomegranate Uh Huh Honey that will have amazing health benefits combined with an incredible and unique flavor while still being one ingredient!



Due to the synergy between plant, insect, and human, an extremely minimal concentration of active cannabinoids is needed to achieve desired effects. We believe, upon consumption, these amplified effects can be attributed to the natural phenomenon occurring within the bees and the ability our bodies have to efficiently absorb honey. 


Not all cannabinoids are created equally. The “entourage effect” is captured by the bees and expressed through small amounts of cannabinoids in strain specific ratios. This fast-acting concentration of sweet honey is rich in major and minor cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, and nutrients. 

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