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We are committed to making the world a better and safer place for all living things. 



By introducing a new way for bees to eat and naturally extract hemp, colonies are thriving like never before. This method has led to remarkable hive growth while still catering to natural bee behavior.


We are committed to making our world a better and safer place for all living things. Honey bees perform about 80% of the pollination worldwide, and their populations continue to decline. Uh Huh Honey powered by BeeFuse Technology supports rebuilding bee populations, developing new practices to help hives flourish, educating individuals, and supporting beekeepers.



We partnered with the Bee Conservancy to help create Bee Sanctuaries, create habitats and fund education about Bees and their unique position in our ecosystem. We made an initial donation and have pledge a portion of all sales of Uh Huh Honey to further the great work of the Bee Conservancy.

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