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Give your pets the same CBD wellness superhoney with our easy delivery microdose pump!


"It worked so well for my cats when I was traveling down to Iowa and back! Like day and night difference. It’s the first CBD I've given them that they'll eat on their own, and better than any other CBD product I've see on the market."

- Krystal in CO

“Amazing! My pug just could not get up the stairs as he got older and I would have to carry him up every night for bed. I gave him the honey twice a day, once in the morning and once at dinner. Suddenly he was able to make it back up the stairs on his own again!”


- David in OR

“I have 3 Border Collies. They all get scared during thunderstorms, but especially Taj. I gave them some of the honey before a storm last night and they all hung out with me on the couch. Couldn’t believe it.”


- Noah in TX

Better For Your Pets


Easy Delivery

No more dreaded medicine time with your pet. Nearly all animals love honey, and with our microdose pump, your pet will be begging for Uh Huh Honey CBD.


Better For Their Liver

Cannabinoids naturally produced and are up to 10x more bioavailable, making it easier on your pet's liver.


Fast Acting

The BeeFused Honey process makes the CBD water soluble and fast acting, meaning your pet will feel better sooner.




Pet Wellness CBD Superhoney


Always consult your veterinarian prior to introducing a new food or medication to your pet. Two instances where you should take extra care:

  1. Pets under 1 year of age have not fully developed their immune system. Our honey goes through full lab testing including for Botulism. Some vets still do not recommend raw honey has botulism spores can develop.

  2. If your pet has diabetes they may have trouble regulating their sugar levels. When microdosing Uh Huh Honey, you are microdosing natural sugars at low levels that may be okay with your vet.

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