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Limited edition*** Bees fed on black cumin in addition to hemp, giving the honey incredible and complex flavor depth, while bringing additional health benefits found in black cumin.


Microdose your wellness with Uh Huh Honey's superhoney pumps! Our pumps make it easy and clean to dose your superhoney when you need it the most. It comes in a recycled ocean plastic bag keeping everything tidy and clean and keeping UV light out. 


The magic of our honey comes from how it’s made. BeeFuse Technology uses a new patented process that teaches the bees to feed on the nectar of hemp and cannabis plants, naturally passing through the bees’ digestive system and delivering highly bioavailable, cannabinoid-rich, single-ingredient raw honey.


This incredible new process allows for CBD and other major and minor cannabinoids to quickly absorb into your bloodstream with a 4-9 times more bioavailability over leading brands. Seven (7) grams of our Black Cumin CBD Wellness honey is packed into our innovative pump which allows clean, accurate dosing every time.

Limited* Black Cumin CBD Wellness Superhoney

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