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Superhoney for Pets: Why cannabinoid-rich, bee-infused honey is great for your pooch.

What is Uh Huh Honey’s Super Honey for Pets?

Uh Huh Honey is produced using a patented process method to make cannabinoid-rich honey that is more bioavailable than other hemp honey, CBD tinctures, or CBD Chews designed for your pet. Produced on our organic farm in Santa Maria, California, our happy, free-range bees feed on proprietary nectar, breaking down the cannabinoids into the honey.

Our honey is not produced or infused with extracted cannabinoids. This is nature-enhancing nature; the bees extract the cannabinoids naturally!

We only use organic hemp oil in the nectar we feed the bees. Our nectar is tested for potency, contaminants, and pesticides and does not include more than 0.03% THC. Uh Huh Honey is further lab-tested to ensure our raw honey is free from pesticides, microbials and residual solvents.

Our superhoney for pets comes in an easy-to-use pump that allows you to easily feed Uh Huh Honey to your pet while offering an accurate, veterinarian recommended micro-dose. Give your dog or cat the Uh Huh Honey directly and sublingually from the pump, or easily dispense it on top of their favorite food or treat. .

The Uh Huh Honey Difference

  1. Medicine that tastes great. Better taste than other Pet CBD options.

  2. Easy delivery method - Use our proprietary pump to feed accurately micro dose CBD honey directly to your pet or add it to your pet's food.

  3. Less means more - Our fast-acting Fill Spectrum CBD Super honey is 9x’s more bioavailable than other Hemp medications for increased effectiveness.

  4. Uh huh Honey’s micro dose pumped dose is Less toxic to the liver as the Full Spectrum CBD is extracted naturally through the bee’s digestive system

Why honey?

Veterinarians generally consider honey safe for dogs and it can provide many benefits. Honey has been shown to help dogs with cough and throat irritation, reducing pain or inflammation, digestion issues, and weight control. Daily honey for your pooch is great for helping with digestion issues and weight control. Uh Huh Honey tastes great and is the perfect daily treat.

Honey contains both prebiotics and probiotics that play a big role in healthy digestion. Providing these daily can help keep your dog’s gut biome in check and play a big role in healthy digestion.

Why should I give my pet cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids have been shown to be safe and effective for small pets. While the FDA has still not reviewed the safety and efficacy of cannabinoids for pets, veterinarians are following a few well-controlled studies that have been published. While many veterinarians see the benefits and safety of CBD and other cannabinoids for your pooch, veterinarians must advise staying away from THC.

A Veterinary Information Network survey, which surveyed an online community of veterinarians, found that 79% of vets with clinical experience using cannabis products said CBD was somewhat to very helpful for chronic pain in animals; over 62% said it helped manage anxiety. Over 80% of those vets said there were no reports of adverse effects aside from sedation.

“It has many clinical benefits for my animal patients,” Dr. Jeffery Judkins of the Animal kind Holistic Vet Clinic says. The hemp oil “has been most useful for older patients that are in long-term pain or are overly anxious.” Judkins explains that, in terms of dosage, “a few drops is all you need.”

Always talk to your vet before introducing a new supplement or food to your pet.

You should always consult with your vet before giving your pet honey, cannabis, or any new food or supplement for the first time. Your vet can answer any concerns you have and should be aware in case there is a change in your pet’s behavior or condition.

When shouldn’t I give my dog honey?

Dogs under 1 year of age should never be given raw honey as it may contain Clostridium Botulinum spores. While still developing their immune system, these spores could make puppies sick.

Check with your vet before administering if your pet has had any issues with diabetes, or pancreatitis. If your dog is diabetic, be careful with honey as their pancreas doesn’t make insulin properly. Some vets will allow the honey to be given to diabetic dogs with some precautions, including monitoring their blood glucose very carefully.

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