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Animals love Uh Huh Honey; a horse review

Testimonial from Maggie and Candy (horse)

Riding Candy is one of the things in life that makes me feel the most happy and alive. She is a 23 year old thoroughbred and has had some chronic inflammation and joint issues due to how early they start potential race horses that are born on the track. Last summer she started getting weak and wobbly in her hind end and down her legs and has lost significant coordination making it unsafe to ride, difficult to trim her hooves and has effected her ability to take walks and get exercise.

The vet believes that she has inflammation along her spine and that it is affecting the signals to her back legs. She seems to have weakness and nerve pain especially in her back right leg from the hip down. I am an intuitive and have the gift of clairvoyance and Candy maximizes that potential by often sending me visions and messages right as I am waking up in the morning.

A few weeks ago she was showing me that she wanted some honey. I did a google search to figure out a correlation between honey and a horses health. I did not get any clarity but trusted that at some point I would figure it out.

I have been using my ability to tune in to best understand the things she needs to heal and have the best quality of life. She has opened my eyes to many things in our time together and I always eventually figure out her messages. The first time this happened 10 years ago she was showing me over and over that she was thirsty. At the time she was being boarded in a herd paddock situation with a large trough of water. I checked several times to make sure there was water and that it was not iced over. Every day she kept showing me that she was thirsty. I asked the caretaker if she had been filling the water and she replied defensively that the trough had water. I went back to the property and stood over the water and decided to check the temperature. As I put my hand in the water I realized it was pulsing with energy and that the heater in it was sending an electric current into the water so the horses would not drink it. They had not been drinking water for almost a week by the time I figured it out!! This and several other experiences have taught me to trust what Candy shows me.

A couple of weeks had passed since the honey vision when I came across Uh-Huh Honey CBD Infused Honey. I had someone suggest it as an option for animals since it is such a pure and natural delivery of CBD. I instantly knew that this is what Candy had been requesting.

I have been adding it to her feed daily for the last several weeks. She has tolerated it well and I am sure it will take some time to truly understand its impact, but hearing it from the horse's mouth is all I need to know that CBD-infused honey needs to be a part of her regimen. I have been adding it to the top of her soaked hay cubes and feel great that she is getting a tasty and effective intake of CBD that is also beneficial and supportive of bee’s.

She recently went through her last heat cycle. She normally gets super hormonal and paces the back fence near other horses to get near the gelding (castrated male horse). This last cycle she was relatively calm and relaxed, keeping her presence closer to me.

Maggie Carraher

Intuitive Healer

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