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Superhoney Pumps: How to Guide

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Uh Huh Honey’s pumps allow for a clean, easy to use way to microdose your superhoney at home or on the go. With our innovative pumps you can microdose your Uh Huh Honey sublingually for fast-acting, super bioavable, cannabinoid-rich honey.

Microdosing your superhoney

Uh Huh Honey wellness superhoney combines the benefits of full spectrum organic hemp, herbs and superfoods. Unlike infused hemp honey on the market, Uh Huh Honey will maintain its sweet, natural taste whereas hemp infused honey can turn bitter over time. Uh Huh Honey, lie all honeys is water-soluble and can be easily mixed in your coffee, tea, drinks and dripped and drizzled on desserts.

Uh Huh Honey, limited edition, reserve honey is produced on our organic farms in Santa Maria, California. Our select blends include hemp/pomegranate and hemp/black cumin. We are constantly working with our happy bees to deliver new and exciting cannabis, herbal, superfood and fungi blends.

When ingesting cannabis edibles the onset is generally delayed 45 to 90 minutes, but the benefits may last 2-6 hours. Benefits of cannabinoid-rich, Uh Huh Honey can be enjoyed throughout the day as they are non-psychoactive. Microdosing small amounts of Uh Huh Honey allows you to microdose small amounts of honey after each meal allowing the benefits to be spread evenly throughout the day.

For faster acting results, take the honey sublingually by squirting the honey under your tongue or to the side of your mouth on the gum. Sublingual application triggers a large area of nerve endings allowing the superhoney to bypass your digestive system. This allows for an effective delivery system with more bioavailability and delivery to the bloodstream than when ingesting. For best results, pump the honey under your tongue or at your gum line and hold for 15-30 seconds before swallowing.

Microdosing with the Uh Huh Honey Pump

The Uh Huh Honey pump makes microdosing simple, clean and sustainable. The pump is clear, allowing you to see the beautiful red-colored honey and how much you have in your pump at all times. Filling the tip of the pump, prepares about 0.25 grams. We suggest taking two pumps after each meal for best microdosing results.

The honey stays in the pump allowing for a clean dosing, easy on the go experience. Each honey pump comes with a recycled ocean plastic bag that helps keep everything tidy and protects the cannabinoids from UV light.

Using the Pump

Any new packaging can be hard to figure out, but we want to make sure you can use this innovative delivery system. After taking the pump out of the box and recycled ocean plastic bag, take the cap protecting the tip of the pump off. Unlock the pump by turning the black plunger clockwise 1 rotation to align with the open and can be pressed down. Prime the pump by depressing the button until honey flows into the tip ~ around 10 pumps.

Now simply enjoy microdosing your wellness superhoney, taking 1-2 pumps after each meal, or as needed.

Troubleshooting the pump

Crystallized Honey

Uh Huh Honey is a completely raw, single-ingredient honey. Like all honey, it can crystallize due to natural sugars becoming “undissolved” in the honey. Raw honey crystallizes faster than pasteurized honey because it also contains small particles of pollen, beeswax, bee glue and other nutrients that bring extra health benefits, but also provide a surface for glucose to form crystals on.

There is nothing wrong with crystalized honey and it is simple to get it back into its beautiful red smooth form. In fact, honey retains all its flavor and quality in its crystallized form. Also, honey has a remarkably long shelf and can be taken over 5 years from its harvest date. Fun fact: Honey has been found in Egyptian tombs perfectly preserved after thousands of years.

Use the “warm water method.”

In order to decrystallize your honey, all you need is some warm tap water.

  • Let the water run so it gets nice and warm. There is no need to get the water super hot as extreme temperatures could damage the honey.

  • Run the water over the pump until it decrystalizes.

  • For honey that has crystalized for a long period of time, it could take up to 30 minutes.

    • To conserve water, you can place the pump in a glass with the warm water.

    • If water cools, replace the water several times.

Other issues

If you are still having trouble getting the pump to work, please contact us before trying to dismantle the pump.

Phone: (720) 708-6829

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