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Uh Huh Honey, more bioavailable than hemp infused honey

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Many infused honey products claim to be a good source of CBD and other minor cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Uh Huh Honey is a non-infused, all natural, raw hemp honey that uses patented Beefused Technology to create an ultra bioavailable hemp honey.

3 Honey bees on a honeycomb producing a red cannabinoid rich honey (Uh Huh Honey).

It is important to understand that just because you eat products containing full spectrum CBD, CBG and other minor cannabinoids, it does not mean the nutrients make their way through your digestive tract and into your bloodstream. In fact, studies show that the human body does not always partner well with infused CBD and CBG herbal supplements. Uh Huh Honey represents nature enhancing nature and doing what nature does best. Relying on nature, we constantly explore the botanical world to provide products driven by superior technology.

The amount and rate by which cannabis botanicals absorb into the body is called bioavailability. Uh Huh Honey naturally enhances full spectrum CBD and the plethora of minor cannabinoids and terpenes designed to support the entourage effect produced by this remarkable process. Our process ensures our happy, free range bees are offered tested, organic, and the very finest hemp and herbal ingredients. By allowing bees to be our delivery system hemp, herbs, superfoods and terpenes pass naturally from bees to humans.

The bees do the work

The magic of our honey comes from how it is made. Working closely with bee behavior, our bees are fed specific nectars produced from hemp cannabis plants, and other natural botanicals we select. The special formula passes through the bee’s digestive system and breaks down cannabinoids and other botanicals on a molecular level straight into the honey. They naturally complete the “extraction” that most companies use heavy solvents, gasses and machinery to accomplish.

This technology allows us to provide you with a highly bioavailable, cannabinoid-rich, single ingredient raw honey. Because the bees' naturally extract the components of the nectar on a molecular level into the honey, it allows for CBD, along with a variety of cannabinoids and herbs, to quickly enter your bloodstream with 4 to9 times more bioavailability over leading infused products. Increased bioavailability means smaller dosages and increased effectiveness. The natural water solubility of honey further assists to the absorbability in humans and pets.

Comparison chart between Uh Huh Honey and other wellness honey available on the market.


Micro-dosing is when you use a small amount of a product to find the smallest dose that is most effective for you. This will differ from person to person due to tolerance, body weight, and influences. As a CBD and CBG beginner, it may be best to start with a small amount, approximately 2 milligrams, and journal your experience.

Many consumers micro-dose throughout their day. Users may dose as many as 3 times per day. Increase your dosage slowly, by 1 milligram each time, until your body feels relaxed and happy. Our honey pumps are designed for micro-dosing accurately and without the mess of alternative applications such as a spoon or honey stick.

Uh Huh Honey - 3 superhoney pumps

Methods of dosing:


Naturally water soluble, Uh Huh Honey can be taken sublingually, eaten or mixed in drinks. This allows the full spectrum hemp (CBD and CBG) to easily break down in water, saliva and the bloodstream allowing for quick absorption into the body. Studies show that when cannabinoids are ingested orally only about 4% to 20% are actually absorbed. The botanical absorption rate in the body can be challenged by differentiating diets, prescription drugs,

health of digestive tract and age.


Uh Huh Honey becomes a sublingual when held under the tongue and dissolved for 60 seconds. Many users report positive results using the product in this way. In certain instances, researchers found bioavailability of sublingual transmission at approximately 75%. One attribute of quicker absorption is Uh Huh Honey's ability to directly enter the bloodstream without having to pass first thru the digestive track.


Placing products under the tongue may cause a swallowing reflex. To stop this from happening, a product can be placed in the gum area inside the cheek. Some users feel the cannabinoids are absorbed in a higher amount due to less chances of swallowing. This is true for both humans and pets.

Homeostasis: What it is and why it is important:

What is homeostasis? When your body is in tune and feels good, you could be in homeostasis. Homeostasis is a sense of balance. It is the body’s attempt to maintain its cruise control. Every human body has its perfect speed. Sometimes speed varies but not by much. When the body’s cruise control limits change, the body automatically tries to take it back to the perfect speed. The CBD and CBG in our honey leave the body virtually in balance. When our magic honey helps your body into homeostasis, it feels more aroused and may produce satisfying orgasms.

It is important to find a balanced note to control the botanicals in the body. Finding the optimal measure of botanicals maximizes the body’s balance and leads to heightened euphoria. Users say they know when they have found a comfortable consumption because their mind is set free, and their bodies are happy and relaxed.


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