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Beginners Guide to Beard Care

Growing a beard is a great way to change up your style and get a new look. Men have been using beards to improve their fashion for centuries, and their popularity continues to grow.

A great beard can change your entire look and garner compliments.

But in order for your beard to not look like a straggly, dry mess; you need to maintain and nurture your beard. So how do you grow your own beard to update your look?

Let it grow, and don’t mind the itch.

Ditch that razor

First things first, in order to get that beard you want, you need to stop shaving (sorry for stating the obvious). Ditch the razor and be patient.

Everyone is going to grow facial hair at different rates, but if you want to grow a more robust beard for the first time it is going to take some time. You don’t want to trim too much in the early stages until you reach the shape you want.

Deal with the Itchiness

Itchiness is just part of growing a new beard. Don’t worry, our Bee Balm can help with that. There are two types of itchiness from beards, and the initial growth itchiness is the more annoying of the two. Beard oils or the Uh Huh Honey Bee Balm can help to moisturize and aid the natural oils in your beard as it grows.

Rub some of the beard oil or Bee Balm in your hands then rub it through the hair and into your skin. This helps to curb the itchiness of the initial growth process and moisturizes and protects the skin under your beard. If you don't protect the skin under your beard, your hair follicles will not develop as strongly. During the initial growth, you can apply it as often as it starts feeling itchy. You will want to apply it at least once a day.


Just because you ditched the razor, doesn’t mean you don't need to still do some maintenance. A beard trimmer or beard scissors can help keep your beard in order. Once you can define the shape of your beard, you can begin to shape and edge around it.

Trim or shave the neckbeard

Whichever style you pick, you want to trim your neck. The general rule of thumb is to hold two fingers on the top of your Adam’s apple and draw an imaginary line straight across and round up to your ears. This is generally accepted as the dividing line (neckline) between your face and your neck and the bottom line of where your beard should stray to.

You will want to continue to Shave or Trim at this line to keep your beard in shape.

Focus on your health

Like the hair on your head, your beard grows when you are healthy. Some studies show this may be the reason people find men with beards attractive! Eating right, exercising, and sleeping will help your beard grow.

A well-balanced diet will help to keep you healthy, but to grow a healthy beard, you need to make sure you are getting a balance of protein and healthy fats. Healthy hair is mainly built of protein and will be coated with oil and healthy fats provided by your diet.

Maintain your beard

Trim your beard dry

You always want to trim your beard while it is dry. You can then see how your beard is going to look as you trim. Make sure to take care of your neckline and then trim your beard and mustache to the length you desire. A beard trimmer is highly recommended in order to keep your length uniform, but you can get the job done with a comb and beard scissors.

Wash your beard

Make sure your beard stays clean. While a beard oil, beard balm, or our Bee Balm can help mask a bad odor in a beard, they are much better at aiding a clean beard! You do not need to wash your beard every day; some suggestions that if you have kept it clean, it can be beneficial to keep some of your natural oils in your beard for several days. Still, you want to wash it regularly with a beard shampoo. Be careful with regular shampoo as it can strip nutrients from your beard and be harsh on your face.

Moisturize, Nourish, and Shape

Use your hands to rub beard oil or the Uh Huh Honey Bee Balm deeply into your beard and rub it into your skin. This continues to moisturize and nourish the base of your beard and keep it healthy. If you are adding another product, wait 5 minutes for them to settle in before adding more.

A beard balm or Bee Balm can be used to help shape and give a fresh fragrance to your beard. After rubbing into your beard, shape using a brush or comb into the shape you want it to hold.

No need to wait in between steps with the Bee Balm, moisturize your beard and skin then use your brush or comb to finish shaping your beard.

The Uh Huh Honey Bee Balm

The Uh Huh Honey Bee Balm has a unique consistency that does the job of beard oil and a beard balm in one. The base of the Bee Balm, much like most beard oils on the market, is a mix of premium oils. The Bee Balm consists of Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, BeeFuse Honey, BeeFuse Beeswax, BeeFuse Propolis, Vitamin E, and an herbal extract blend. The mix is oily enough to moisturize your beard and skin, but thick enough to help shape and hold the look of your beard. You don't need to wait for the oil to set to add a different balm!

Honey and CBD, which are naturally infused in Uh Huh Honey, may help with the growth and health of your beard and have been shown to assist the oils in moisturizing hair and skin. Our proprietary herbal extract blend of Eucalyptus, Calendula, Lavender, Arnica, Rosemary, Sage, Pepper, and Frankincense adds nutrients to your beard and skin. The addition of beefused honey, wax and propolis gives your beard a lovely, neutral smell that carries subtle sweet notes of honey while not overwhelming the senses with perfumes.

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